Customer Guarantee Claim Form

Customer Guarantee Claim Form

You can use this form to make a claim against the Stroma Certification Customer Guarantee following notification of works completed under Building Regulations 2010 (amended).

The notifiable completed works must be completed by a Stroma Certification Competent Person and notified within 31 days of the works being completed.

In the first instance the Installer must be given the opportunity to rectify the issue and if this is not possible you can make a claim against their insurance. For the Customer Guarantee, claims will be considered if these 2 routes have been followed and suitable remedial action has not been possible.

Claims will be considered when the above routes have been undertaken, where Installer is no longer in business or is unwilling or unable to rectify the work. The Customer Guarantee will cover the rectification of works notified by the Installer on the Certificate of Works only. It will not cover ancillary services such as redecoration or rehousing, these would need to be claimed back through the Installers insurance or through the Small Claims Court.

Where the works have not been notified or have been notified incorrectly, a claim will not be possible against the Customer Guarantee. In these instances you will need contact Trading Standards and make a claim via the Installers Insurance or through the Small Claims Court.